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Rainbow Six Siege TTS nerfs Frost traps and gives Kaid C4

A few notable changes are hitting the latest test server

While plenty of balance changes have been noted as part of the official Phantom Sight patch notes, there are a few other Rainbow Six Siege alterations that have made a sneakier entrance via the technical test server. The latest TTS build is mostly focused on bug fixes, but changes for Pulse, Twitch, Kaid, and Frost are here, too – and the latter two are the most notable.

Kaid’s barbed wire is getting swapped out for C4. Players are split on whether that’s actually a buff or a nerf since the wire is such an effective part of Kaid’s loadout, but given the nitro pack’s power – especially in high-level play – it’ll likely strengthen the operator overall. Frost’s traps are also having their HP reduced, which is a curious change since they’ve never been overwhelmingly powerful.

Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor is now slightly faster to unequip, and Twitch’s Famas now has a different recoil pattern. As always, there’s no guarantee that any of these changes are making it beyond the TTS, but they do indicate what Ubisoft is thinking about, and any number of them could land in time for the Phantom Sight release date.

You can read the patch notes in full on Reddit.

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We’re already getting hints about Year 4 Season 3 gadgets, and Phantom Sight isn’t even out yet. As always, the train of Siege updates keeps rolling apace.