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Rainbow Six Siege easter egg hints at Year 4 Season 3 gadgets

The gadgets belonging to the Y4S3 operators may have gotten an early reveal

The latest big Rainbow Six Siege update isn’t even out yet, and it’s already time to start talking about Season 3. A bit of concept art released with Nokk and Warden gives us some indications about what to expect from the next pair of new operators – specifically, a pair of gadgets that could really shake up attack and defense.

One of Nokk’s new backstory images – viewable at the official site – features a blackboard in the background with a couple of new gadget designs. As YouTuber coreross notes, one of the (many) leaks for the recent season suggested we’d have to “worry about reinforcing floor panels on the same level as defenders.”

The grappling hook shown on the blackboard could allow a new attacker to put up a line for the entire team to use – which would match up with that leak. The other gadget is a lot tougher to guess at, but it is some kind of fuel container with a fire effect. Whether that’s a flame trap, some sort of explosive device, or something else entirely remains to be seen.

You can see the breakdown below.

We do know some details about all the Year 4 operators – though not a lot. Season 3 will feature an op from Peru and an op from Mexico.

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Meanwhile, the Phantom Sight release date hasn’t even hit yet. You can follow that link for details on what’s coming to the game in its immediate future, or stay tuned for further leaks and easter eggs to learn what’s coming months in advance.