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New Rainbow Six Siege operator Grim uses drones to attack

A teaser for new Rainbow Six Siege operator Grim shows off his swarming drones, as well as his overall sense of intimidating menace

New Rainbow Six Siege operator Grim: Grim, wearing jungle camouflage, looks down at an unconscious enemy in a dark jungle.

A new Rainbow Six Siege operator, Grim, will be joining the multiplayer game’s roster with the arrival of Operation Brutal Swarm. Grim is a Singaporean attacker who uses a swarm of bug-like drones to disable his enemies, and we’ve gotten our first look at him in a newly published teaser.

“The faint buzz is a warning,” Grim says as the teaser opens on a few of the small, square drones emerging from a canister on the ground in a darkened jungle. “It may be the last thing you hear, but I’ll be the last thing you see.”

Grim then emerges from the dark mist of the forest, wearing jungle camo and hefting a launcher over his shoulder. His drones flitter over the fallen body of his opponent, upsettingly similar to the way flies might.

Here’s the teaser:

YouTube Thumbnail

Letters over his radio spell out ‘NKA’ and ‘A POS,’ short for ‘no known allergies’ and ‘A positive,’ his blood type.

We’ve already heard that the Operation Brutal Swarm release date will be revealed during the August 21 at the Six Berlin Major tournament, so we’re looking forward to getting a better look at Grim and what he brings to the battlefield then.