Rainbow Six Siege update fixes bizarre rapid spinning fps bug (and others, too)

A new Rainbow Six Siege patch drops today

An exterior shot of Rainbow Six Siege's bank level, which is a classical-style, sandstone building in a modern city

Ubisoft is dropping a new Rainbow Six Siege update today and, alongside a host of gameplay, level design, operator, and user experience fixes and adjustments, there are a few, er, quirky hiccups that are getting patched. One of which involves causing frames-per-second dips by doing doughnuts really, really quickly in a certain spot. Huh.

“Fixed – fps drops can occur for everyone in the session if a player spins rapidly in a certain spot of 1F Archives on Bank map,” the latest Siege patch notes detail. It’s not quite clear what this certain spot is from the notes, but the hiccup sounds mighty similar to one described back in November 2018 by YouTuber DBL Online.

They showed that, if a group of players headed to a certain corner in the Bank map’s first-floor archives room (having dialled up vertical and horizontal sensitivity to 100, and dead zones down low) and span around on the spot very quickly, the FPS game’s, er, fps would drop significantly. At the time, the YouTuber reported that the glitch could affect everyone in a game.

It’s a particularly bizarre and niche bug so it’s not likely to have been a big problem for many players if it has been lurking in-game for a fair while. But, as with any bugs, it’s always nice to see hiccups discovered and ironed out.

Elsewhere in the patch notes, Ubisoft details a raft of other, quite specific fixes to the multiplayer game’s maps. For example, an “unfair line of sight created by the gap between the column and the wall near 1F Staff Room on Bank map”, “several line of sight issues present on Coastline and Villa maps”, and “various LOD issues present across a multitude of maps” have been fixed among many others.

Changes to Rainbow Six Siege operators this patch include things like ensuring “operator models have a light glow visible from a distance”, some graphical and collision tweaks to Twitch and Echo, and fixes meaning Ace, Valkyrie, and Aruni’s weapons should no longer be able to do what they shouldn’t in certain locations.

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You can find the patch notes in full here if you’re keen to scroll through the full rundown. The update drops at 14:00 GMT / 09:00 ET / 06:00 today for PC players, with a downtime of around 30 minutes, and a 1.2GB size on Ubisoft Connect (775MB on Steam).