Rainbow Six Siege sets new concurrent player record of over 200,000

Crimson Heist has just started

Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 operator price changes

The Crimson Heist started Year Six of Rainbow Six Siege this week, and players have flocked to the multiplayer game. So many are giving the new content a spin, the concurrent player record for the FPS game was shattered.

From SteamDB, a little over 200,000 players were jumping in as operators this weekend, for a grand total of 201,053. It should be noted this isn’t just buzz around a new wave of content, Rainbow Six Siege is currently running a free week, available through March 25. What’s more, it’s on sale at 60% off through April 8, making it very appealing for anyone that’s been considering giving it a go.

Naturally, there’s been some quibbles in the rollout of new gameplay features, including a small argument over whether recoil was actually changed. Ubisoft has confirmed it was, and issued an update. Ubisoft has also been working to improve connectivity in the co-op game, rolling out and updating servers alongside Crimson Heist. The improvements have helped reduce connection failures globally, significantly so in some parts, and keep frame-rates consistent.

You can check out a slick animated trailer for new operator Flores below:

Make sure to keep an eye on the Rainbow Six Siege server status page for any connection issues, and have a read of our guide to ranking up the new Rainbow Six Siege battle pass to get you right up to speed.