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Rainbow Six Siege Year 4: operators, release date, roadmap – all the latest details

Ready for Rainbow Six Siege Year 4? Here’s everything we know about its operators and when you can play it

Rainbow Six Siege year 4 roadmap

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 is bearing down on us with the promise of another eight meta-defining operators, new maps, CTUs, and plenty more. After last year kicked off with the limited time PvE event, Outbreak, there is also a slim chance that Year 4 will deliver more than new gadgets and guns.

Interestingly, we heard about Outbreak and the roadmap for last year long before its release date – there was even a lengthy ARG to build hype for the zombie-slaying game mode. However, Ubisoft Montreal has only just released their Year 4 roadmap on the upcoming year of Rainbow Six Siege updates. We still don’t know much about the the remaining six new operators, but at least we now know their nationalities.

In addition to all of this, there are map reworks to look forward to, heaps of operators reworks, seasonal events that will add a lot more variety to each few months, and a some other details like changes to team killing and gadgets. There are even reworks to secondary gadgets, with the Deployable Shield now being able to attach to the walls and the Breach Charge now allowing for hot breaches.

Here is everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Year 4, from new gadgets to when you can expect an official announcement.


The Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 roadmap and operators have been fully revealed at the Six Invitational 2019. Here is how each season will play out:

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 1

  • Operation Burnt Horizon consists of two Australian operators
  • New map called Outback

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 2

  • One operator from Denmark and one from the US Secret Service
  • Kafe map rework

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 3

  • One operator from Peru and one from Mexico
  • Kanal map rework

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 4

  • One operator from Kenya and one from India
  • Theme Park rework

There will be only one new map across the new year, but there are also plenty of planned operator reworks to look forward to.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 operators

Each new year of Rainbow Six Siege promises to add eight new operators across four seasons and counter terrorist units, most of which are based on real-life special forces teams like the GIGR and GROM. Ubisoft announced what nations will be represented in Year 4, but we still don’t know the exact CTUs.

rainbow six siege burnt horizon review

Operation Burnt Horizon

The two Australian operators – attacker Gridlock and defender Mozzie – are now live in-game. Gridlock provides the attacking team with spike traps that can help secure flanks, while Mozzie can hijack drones and use them to aid the defending side. You can read all about their full loadouts in our Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon review.

Denmark and Us secret service

Year 4 Season 2’s operators will come from Denmark and The United States Secret Service. The Hammer and Scalpel animated short shows the Danish flag hanging by the attacking team’s emblem, so our best guess is that the Danish operator is an attacker.

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Ubisoft has released its first teaser for Year 4 Season 2, which shows both of the new operators – check it out below.

The Danish operator is also likely to use a type of stealth or cloaking gadget based off a clue hidden away in some official Rainbow Six Siege key art for the new Six, Harry. If you zoom in very close you can find a map of Denmark with a note over the top of it that suggests the new operator is an “expert in covert reconnaissance and stealth tactics,” and has the “ability to blend and adapt into environment.” The defending team has Vigil who can cloak himself from drones, but stealth hasn’t been see as a gadget for the attacking side yet.

A fresh Year 4 leak from a resetera user – who accurately described the loadout of the Burnt Horizon operators before their release with – supports this theory. The post alleges that the Danish attacker will have an ability similar to Caveira’s Silent Step, and is even invisible to cameras. Meanwhile the same post says that the United State Secret Service defender has an ability that lets them see through smoke and flash grenades.

The same leaker also says the new US Secret Service operator will wear a suit, which is corroborated by the official teaser released by Ubisoft on May 13, 2019.

Year 4 Season 3

The third season will feature two operators from different countries again, one from Peru and one from Mexico. The obvious theme for this operation would be anti-cartel, so we could see some less conventional ops for Year 4 Season 3.

Year 4 Season 4

The final two countries making their way to Rainbow Six Siege are Kenya and India. It’s tough to say what joint operation the two nation could be working on with no discernible ties between the two countries other than that they are both on the coast of the India ocean.

rainbow six siege burnt horizon review gameplay

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 release date

In case you didn’t know, the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 release date has been and gone – Operation Burnt Horizon kicked things off for us. But there, are still three more seasons before Rainbow Six Siege Year 5.