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A gloriously big ban wave hit Rainbow Six Siege yesterday

Another wave of anti-cheat action has taken down plenty more Siege boosters

January 24, 2019 Another big ban wave has hit Rainbow Six Siege.

Another big ban wave came for the Rainbow Six Siege cheaters yesterday, and everybody in-game got to enjoy a bit of satisfaction as dozens upon dozens of bans rolled down the kill feed. All came with the same message: that each player had “been banned for being boosted by a cheater.”

You can enjoy plenty of schadenfreude over at the game’s subreddit, with plenty of clips showcasing the shamed names getting kicked from Siege. You should also let this be your reminder that friends don’t let friends cheat – that’s as much for your own sake as your friends, as one player found out.

“Don’t play with your friends if they were previously perma banned and create a new account. No matter how much they promise you they aren’t cheating anymore Ubisoft will always recognize them as cheaters because Ubisoft hardware bans. Thus you will be banned 15 days as I have been.”

We got another giant ban wave in July last year, which was initially set to take out 600 players worldwide before growing much larger.

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That marked the start of the message reading “Player was banned for being boosted by a cheater,” rather than the “toxic behaviour” message that has typically accompanied cheat-related bans, as Ubisoft detailed in a Reddit post.

Community developer Craig Robinson spoke for us all alongside that last ban wave, tweeting the gif below at the time.

Keep an eye out for that Year 4 roadmap – the Six Invitational is coming up soon, so it’s looking like we’ll finally find out what’s coming for the new year in the near future.