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Rainbow Six Siege will start handing out bans for in-game hate speech next week

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Rainbow Six Siege will be rolling out its new system for handling toxicity next week, which could result in permanent bans for the game's most egregious players.

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Craig Robinson, a community developer for Rainbow Six Siege, provided some new details on the system in a post to the Rainbow Six subreddit today.

“Starting next week, we will be implementing an improvement on the system we have been using to ban players that use racial and homophobic slurs, or hate speech, in game,” wrote Robinson, who goes by Its_Epi online.

Bans will be handed out for violations of the Rainbow Six Siege Code of Conduct, which specifically reads, “Any language or content deemed illegal, dangerous, threatening, abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, racist, sexist, ethically offensive or constituting harrassment is forbidden.”

In the game's terms of use, Ubisoft explicitly reserves the right to suspend, ban, or delete user accounts if they violate the Code of Conduct.

Expanding on comments he made earlier this week, Robinson writes that bans will be handed out in varying durations - two days, seven days, 15 days, and permanent - depending on the severity of the violation.

In the comments below the post, Robinson implied that this new system will be at least somewhat automated. 

“We will be tracking the frequency at which language that violates the Code of Conduct is used by individual players, and apply the appropriate ban on a case-by-case basis,” he wrote.

Robinson says the team understands Rainbow Six Siege is a competitive game and that they know a certain amount of trash-talk and swearing goes with the territory. 

“We are expecting people not to take it too far with slurs and hate speech,” he wrote.

Robinson, a former U.S. marine, posted the thread to his public Twitter timeline.

“This is a first step on a long path of making our game a better place,” he said.

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Mantastic avatarRoemello Skuggs avatarZeroderp avatarjdclausell avatarxNuke avatarMackles avatar+1
Mantastic Avatar
3 Months ago

And R6: Siege has officially entered it's death spiral.

The problem with "hate speech" is that it is defined according to the person choosing to be offended or those choosing to be offended on behalf of someone. The definition of hate speech changes based on the individual speaking and the individual or persons who hear it. The "N word" is offensive when used by a Caucasian towards an African-American, but may not (and usually is not) when used by an African-American towards another African-American, unless of course a Caucasian chooses to be offended on behalf of the African-American, which of course is up to the Caucasian so it may not happen.

Due to the difficulties of defining "hate speech" it irrevocably leads to the banning of words, phrases and titles that are used in otherwise benign ways making it that much more difficult to communicate with each other. This is anathema to a community that depends on team and player cohesion, especially a multiplayer FPS that relies on teamwork.

Roemello Skuggs Avatar
3 Months ago

How long is the death spiral going to take?

xNuke Avatar
3 Months ago

"I mentioned this above, but we understand that it is a competitive game and there will be some degree of trash talking/"swear words" used. We are expecting people not to take it too far with slurs and hate speech." - Ubisoft Community Developer

If you or someone else feel the need to go beyond that, then something is wrong with you/them and you/them should seek help.

Zeroderp Avatar
3 Months ago

If they defineed it strictly, it would not be bad. "Dangerous" speech is defined differently in different circles. This will not end well.

Mackles Avatar
3 Months ago

It's up to the devs to decide how to handle toxic behaviour on their platform, but, from a user perspective, if your goal is to find the next battleground between post-modernism and free speech, I really think the in-game chat for an FPS isn't going to be it.

p.s. stop reinforcing kid's bedroom you noobs

jmkovacich Avatar
3 Months ago

Welp, I guess Ubisoft is now against the first amendment.

jdclausell Avatar
3 Months ago

Firstly, words will never disappear or be permanently banned. But they can be periodically phased out until they lose their weight. New words pertaining to new hateful and pervasive observations will permeate language, because language is ever-changing. That aside, Mantastic's blatant disregard for millions of people's feelings of oppression promotes language and actions that are hateful in nature and their account should be banned.