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Why hasn’t Siege’s Lord Tachanka been reworked yet? The memes are too good

rainbow six siege lord tachanka rework

Tachanka – excuse me, Lord Tachanka – has been the cast-off stepchild of Rainbow Six Siege for ages with the developers themselves at one point saying he’s “so far outside of the meta that he is basically playing a different game.” They’ve talked about a rework, but they’ve been slow to get it done, in part because “Lord Tachanka” is such a good meme.

These are the best Rainbow Six Siege operators. Tachanka isn’t one of them.

Siege game director Leroy Athanassof discussed the process of hero balance at GDC today, acknowledging Tachanka’s abysmal pick and win rates. He’s a problem, and Ubisoft believe the problem stems from his need to set up a stationary turret in a game that’s become much more about movement and repositioning.

Tachanka needs to change, but doing so would likely mean he’d have to become a completely different operator. Athanassof says “We’re in a situation where if we were to change it, if we really want to address it, we’d have to change it in a way where it won’t be Tachanka anymore. That’s a difficult decision to make.”

The rework is still likely going to happen, but it would likely have been done already if Tachanka didn’t have such a strong reputation – good or bad – among players.

Creative director Xavier Marquis tells IGN that at this point, Tachanka is a symbol of the game. “When a team is winning, and when they want to say ‘yes, we are so good that we are going to own you,’ they pick Tachanka. It’s like the random pick, you see what I mean? In terms of symbol. ‘I am going to win with Tachanka.’”