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Rainbow Six Siege’s new Polish operator totes a dual-fire grenade launcher

Zofia Bosak

Update, November 16: Ubisoft have teased Zofia Bosak, Rainbow Six Siege’s new Polish operator, confirming her gadget.

Ubisoft have released a teaser trailer for new Polish operator Zofia. The trailer, which you can watch above, confirms Zofia’s identity, as well as leaks that suggest her gadget will be a dual-fire grenade launcher.

Here’s what we know about the new Rainbow Six Siege operators for 2017.

Previous leaks for Zofia suggested she would wield a grenade launcher that could switch quickly between lethal explosive rounds and non-lethal stun grenades. In the trailer, Ela says “I decide when to restrain, and when to kill,” all the while tinkering with a series of canisters and the component parts of the weapon hinted at in recent leaks.

At the end of the video, Zofia’s full name is confirmed to be Zofia Bosak. If it weren’t clear already, that suggests that Zofia is definitely, unequivocally related to current operative Ela Bosak, who was released at the beginning of Operation Blood Orchid.

Zofia will become available as part of Rainbow Six Siege’s final season of year 2. Operation White Noise introduces two more operators, including a hacker named Dokkaebi. Operation White Noise will go live after the upcoming free weekend, and you’ll get a full reveal at this weekend’s Pro League finals, along with a sneak peek at Rainbow Six Siege Year 3.

Update, November 7:Yet more Rainbow Six Siege leaks seem to reveal the new Polish operator’s gadget.

The latest Rainbow Six Siege leak has revealed the new Polish operator’s gadget. Zophia, who is almost definitely Ela’s sister, will weild a grenade launcher with both lethal and non-lethal modes of fire.

A photo uploaded to Redditshows a close-up of the new operator’s gadget, in which you can clearly see a yellow, non-lethal option (likely similar to a flashbang) and a red, lethal option that some players think will be similar to Ash’s gadget. That confirms some recent leaks, including this one from 4chan. So far, Capitao is the only operator with two fire options on their gadget.

The apparent validity of that leak could mean we’ll soon get information about the zombie horde mode rumoured to be on its way to the game. While there’s been no official word so far, the information provided last week seems to be coming true.

As for the link between the new operator and Ela, the leak shows that the two share a patch of uniform, likely taken from that of their grandfather, who fought in the original Polish special forces unit,the Cichociemny.

Update, November 1:Ubisoft are teasing Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Polish operative.

Following last night’s leaks, Ubisoft have tweeted, teasing one of the next operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege. While the information they’ve offered is scant, it does go some way towards confirming the credibility of the leaks.

The tweet shows a character’s arm, dressed in a leather jacket and holding a pocketwatch, and is accompanied by a caption in Polish, which translates to “your decisions will determine the rest of your life.”

While at first glance the image doesn’t seem to offer much, the tease is actually heavy with clues about the new operator’s identity. Firstly, they’re almost guaranteed to also be a member of Polish special forces. If the caption wasn’t enough to convince you of that, the logo on the character’s leather jacket is that of theCichociemny, the name of the Polish special forces during WW2, whose name and traditions were converted into those of the modern-day GROM unit in 1995. In the leaked screenshot of the new operator, she’s wearing a beret, the crest on the front of which could be attributed to the rank of captain. Ela’s backstory says she “always carries a piece of her grandfather’s uniform” with her, so it’s odd that so much of it would be showing up on a different character.

The house that the figure is standing in somewhat corroborates the theory that the new operator will be Ela’s sister, who is believed to be called Zoe. Ela’s teaser placed her by a window very similar to the one in the tweeted picture. The jacket, pocketwatch, and beret, all of which are likely to be family heirlooms, could all lead to some sort of rivalry between Zoe and Ela, which would explain the latter’s angry voice lines, which you can hear below. As an added extra, Ubisoft have updated Ela’s backstory to include some pictures based on the operator’s past. One of those, a drawing of a skull wearing a beret, can be seen on the wall behind the new operator, all but confirming their joint heritage.

Original story, November 1:Two of the next batch of operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege have reportedly been leaked. Screenshots of one Polish operative and one South Korean operator were posted to Reddit by the same user early this morning.

The Polish operator is the second member of the GROM Special Forces Unit, following Ela, who was released as part of the most recent update, Operation Blood Orchid. Some of Ela’s datamined voice lines suggest that the new female operator could be Ela’s older sister, referred to in-game as Zoe.

The second new operator is from the South Korean 707th Special Mission Battalion. The leaks offer nothing more than a face, so we don’t have any hint of name or abilities, nor is there any sign of the second South Korean operator.

Obviously we can’t be sure whether these leaks are legitimate, but they do seem to have come from the in-game engine, lending them at least a hint of credence. Assuming a late-November or early-December release date for the new update, the timing for the leaks is also about right.

Yesterday, the official Rainbow Six Twitter page tweeted a teaser for the new season, which depicts a mythological Chinese figure that’s very prominent in Korean culture, accompanied by a Korean caption that translates to “don’t look down.”