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Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operator is Vigil, a stealthy defender loaded with SMGs

rainbow six siege vigil loadout

Operation White Noise for Rainbow Six Siege will be unveiled this Sunday, but ahead of the full reveal Ubisoft are providing us with a series of tantalizing teasers suggesting what’s to come from the new operators. First there was Zofia. Then Dokkaebi. Now we’re getting a look at Vigil.

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Like Dokkaebi, Vigil is from the Republic of Korea’s 707th Special Mission Battalion. Chul Kyung Hwa had a tragic childhood that saw eventually him seek out the order of military life, before finding himself selected for Rainbow Six.

The trailer implies some sort of stealth mechanic, and based on the screen effects shown it seems likely he’ll have some method of either jamming or hiding from enemy drones. But we won’t know exactly how it manifests in game until this Sunday’s stream. We’ve only got the vaguest of hints from game designer Guillaume Essouffi in the official blog post. “We wanted operators that are able to play with intel and counter-intel,” says Essouffi, “using an aspect of our game that is not that explored.”

Vigil wields a K1A SMG and a BOSG 12.2 shotgun as primary weapons, with a C75 Auto and SMG-12 MPs as secondaries. He’ll marry “the traditional personality of the hard-fighting and traditional soldier, but with a new trick in his repertoire that’s bound to catch opponents unaware.”