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The Rainbow Six Siege Road to SI 2020 event is live - here’s what you need to know

Ubisoft confirms details for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Road to SI 2020 event

Who won the Six Invitational 2020

Rainbow Six Siege year 5 is coming up fast, and Ubisoft has just confirmed a whole bunch of early speculation, teasers, and datamining with a new post detailing what’s on the way for one of the best multiplayer games around. According to this, the event will feature a new playlist that plays out in the datamined Stadium map.

The post says: “The Road to SI 2020 playlist will be available on the five weekends leading up to and during the Six Invitational 2020 on February 14 to 16. It is a regular Unranked game mode set on the new Stadium map.” It explains players will get access to all the Rainbow Six Siege Operators, even including “those you haven’t unlocked regularly.”

The post reiterates that Unranked is a “bomb-only game mode,” featuring the “pick and ban system” and rounds that last for three minutes. Ubisoft also adds a trailer for The Road to SI 2020: The Program, which you can check out further below.

In addition, the studio reveals some details about the Rainbow Six Siege Road to SI 2020 Battle Pass, announcing it includes both a free and premium track, across more than 35 tiers each. You’ll be able to unlock up to 50 different rewards, which include cosmetic items like Blitz, Sledge, Mozzie, Thermite, Caveira, and Hibana.

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Ubisoft says: “The free track rewards you with headgears, weapon skins, weapon charms, and Alpha Packs” whereas the Premium track has goodies such as “uniforms, headgears, weapon skins, weapon charms, 600 R6 Credits, Renown boosters, and Alpha Packs” up for grabs. One to watch out for on the final tier is the universal Signature Six ’20 weapon skin.

The premium track costs 840 R6 credits, and you can unlock the first 12 tiers for an extra 840 credits.

When does the Rainbow Six Siege Road to SI 2020 event start?

The Rainbow Six Siege Road to SI 2020 event is scheduled to run from January 15 through to February 16 – so get ready to jump in right now.