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Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides operators gadgets revealed

It's Siege reveal season, which means it's leak season

We’re expecting to get all the official details on Year 4 Season 4 this weekend, but it wouldn’t be a Rainbow Six Siege reveal without loads of early leaks. Today, a CGI trailer appeared on social media that shows off the new operator gadgets, and it looks like players are going to have some ridiculous new toys to play with on the Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides release date.

The CSRX-300 looks to be an anti-material sniper rifle that can pierce multiple soft walls – at least two, as shown in the trailer. It’s also got an under-barrel explosive lance which can similarly pierce soft walls, but the projectile will stop once it hits something hard, and then explode on a short delay. You can also see the operator icon, which looks a bit like an eagle’s face.

The other gadget is the Mag-NET System, which appears to magnetically stop bullets. In the trailer, we see the Mag-NET placed above a window. A gun fires from the opposite side, the bullet travels partway through to the target before it’s snatched back up by the magnet. This operator icon looks like a person meditating.

We already know the nationalities of the Shifting Tides operators thanks to the year 4 roadmap, and if the obvious cultural associations of those icons hold, the Indian op will have the Mag-NET and the Kenyan op will have the CSRX-300.

New CGI trailer Y4S4 from r/Rainbow6

Check out the preview in the trailer above, courtesy of manuxillo on Reddit.

Expect much more on the next chapter for one of the best FPS games this weekend at the Pro League Season X Finals.