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Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides patch notes - Y4S4 is live on the test server

The Shifting Tides patch notes have landed

Rainbow Six Siege Kali Operator

Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides was revealed over the weekend, and true to tradition, it’s time for patch notes and a preview on test servers. Most of the big additions have already been revealed in-depth, but there are still a handful of new details among the list of changes.

The proper Shifting Tides release date will likely hit on December 3, depending on how the stay on the test server goes. The new season brings us new operators Kali and Wamai, who promise some major shake-ups to the Siege meta – some already want Kali nerfs – as well as the map rework for Theme Park and a new Capitao Elite skin. The Jackal rework is also going live here.

There are a handful of other relatively small but notable changes. Casual is now known as Quick Match, and it – along with the Newcomer playlist – will now have an AA-DD role swap, similar to Ranked. Gadget projectiles should now be a bit easier to send through breakable props, and there’s some backend work on the gadget code “to protect against potential regressions and widen their capacity for future complexity.”

Also, Hibana and Mira have entirely new voice actors. “We are thankful to the voice actors that we worked with up to this point,” Ubisoft says on the official site, “but with the expansion of our Universe content, we needed to make adjustments to our talent line up to ensure consistency.”

Check out some of those new features above.

There are also a good chunk of bug fixes – including some aimed at addressing those Goyo shield exploits and making the hostage a bit hardier when it comes to fire. You can test out all the changes and additions on the test server today.