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Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave release date and all the latest details

Year 5 Season 2 is almost upon us, here's everything we know about the new ops, map, and more

Steel Wave Year 5 Season 2 release date

The Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave release date is fast-approaching and Ubisoft has finally dropped the curtain and unveiled all of the changes coming when Year 5 Season 2 launches. In typical Siege fashion, the upcoming season has been leaked, datamined, teased heavily over the past week, so a lot of information has been known prior to the official reveal.

The Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave release date will add two new operators, a rework to the iconic House map, a new secondary gadget for the defending team, MMR tweaks, and a buff to Amaru.

The first of the new ops is a Norwegian attacker who will further diversify the hard-breacher role with his throwable S.E.LM.A. devices, which explode sequentially. With three in his pocket he’s able to open up more entry points than any other hard-breacher. The new defender is a South African trapper called Melusi. Her Banshee devices can be placed on floors or walls and will activate when an attacker enters their area of effect – they then emit a loud droning noise that slows enemy movement.

Join us as we break down the key release times for Steel Wave.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave release date

So, when is the Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave release date? June 16, 2020 is the official date. Ubisoft has now confirmed the exact Steel Wave release times, too.

This is the longest test server run in the game’s five years, so hopefully the new season launches with fewer technical issues than some recent operations.

Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave reveal trailer

The Operation Steel Wave reveal took place on Monday 18 May at 12pm ET.

Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave trailer

For the first Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave trailer, check out the embedded tweet below.

We see both the new Norwegian and South African ops, the former travelling down an elevator shaft on a presumed rescue operation, the latter stalking a target from a tree in the savanna.

We’ve broken down all of the key changes set to be included in the Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave patch notes here. If you want a full breakdown of the Steel Wave operators and what they’re like to play then we’ve got you covered for that, too.