Rainbow Six Siege’s streamer mode comes in Y6S1.1, but not all of it

Streamer mode comes to Siege soon - but only part of it

Ubisoft has been working on a streamer mode in Rainbow Six Siege for some time, due to launch sometime during Year 6 Season 1, Crimson Heist – which, hey, that’s out today! The devs have announced that the first round of streamer mode protections will go live as part of Y6S1, but some of those features are getting delayed.

Streamer mode will launch with queue sniping protections. As Ubisoft explains on Twitter, “this allows you to hide your region and latency, and set a random matchmaking delay. With this, it reduces the ability of players watching a stream to purposely queue into that same streamer’s lobby.”

However, the stream sniping protections – which include things like hiding names, clearance levels, and avatars – have been delayed from this first round update. “We have made the decision to postpone this aspect of streamer mode, as we want to make sure it offers better protection to those using it. Stay tuned for further updates.”

Stream sniping has been a particular point of concern for Ubisoft, as the devs explicitly banned the practice in a recent revision of the game’s code of conduct.

Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist officially lands today, and you can follow that link for a whole lot more info on what to expect.