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A Rainbow Six Siege update hints that the Tachanka rework is finally coming

Tachanka has, for a long time, been one of the worst operators in Rainbow Six Siege. The hulking Russian defender is popular within the community, but his success in the actual game is limited to say the least. A new test server update, however, suggests that the operator’s long-awaited rework might finally be on the way.

As pointed out by Rainbow Six YouTuber Prodigio Pete in a recent video, Tachanka’s current bio is pretty sparse, with just a few details about his background, combat experience, and a brief psychological report. In a recent update on the game’s technical test server, however, that bio has been scrapped, replaced with a significantly more in-depth look at the character.

Much of that information is purely biographical, talking about Tachanka’s childhood and personal life. The final section, however, is told from the perspective of fellow operator Mira in her capacity as Rainbow’s head of R&D. In it, she talks about “testing a number of prototype options” for Tachanka’s signature LMG, and “a list of possible adjustments” that the team could make to the weapon.

While that’s not exactly concrete proof of an upcoming rework, Ubisoft has plenty of history on that front. A Tachanka rework was first mentioned back in 2017, followed by another mention in October when the developer said that it does want to rework the champion, but that the change wasn’t a high priority. That was followed one more time in January when senior community developer Craig Robinson offered the briefest of teases regarding any upcoming changes.

Now that the new bio has arrived on the test servers, some players think that the upcoming Operation Ember Rise could be paving the way for a new-look version of the character.

That’s purely speculative, of course, but a major update does seem like a decent platform for a rework, especially for a character as riddled with issues as Tachanka. Ember Rise is likely to arrive next month, so keep an eye out for more info regarding our new-look lord and saviour.

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