Rainbow Six Siege’s Tachanka rework hits the test server this week

October 7, 2020 The Tachanka rework hits Rainbow Six Siege’s test server on October 8.

The Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka rework is coming. Yes, this probably comes as little surprise if you’ve been paying any attention, but Ubisoft has finally revealed the reborn operator in an official capacity, and he’s due to hit the test server on October 8 – that’s tomorrow, as I’m writing this.

The Tachanka rework sees the operator switch over to the DP27 LMG as a primary weapon, which can easily shred through soft walls. His gadget is the Shumika incendiary grenade launcher, which will spread fire in a small area – perfect for sealing off doors and windows with some AOE damage. The grenades will bounce, too, so you don’t even need line-of-sight to your target.

Tachanka is also getting Zofia’s Withstand passive, which lets you revive yourself from a down-but-not-out position. Withstand has already been a contentious ability among pros and everyday Siege players alike, and its application to another character has already proven controversial. But hey, at least it’s a chance to save yourself when you inevitably set yourself on fire.

Tachanka’s loadout options include the DP27 or 9x19VSN SMG in the primary slot, the PMM or GSH-18 handguns, and barbed wire or a proximity alarm as secondary gadgets.

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Following Tachanka’s test phase starting October 8, he’s set to debut in the main game during Operation Shadow Legacy.

We might have to adjust our list of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators soon… Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 rolls on, and you can follow that link for plenty more on what’s coming to the game.