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This post-apocalyptic adventure game has intense classic Fallout vibes

Rauniot is an isometric adventure game set in a much more terrible version of 1975, where the world has already suffered a global climate disaster.

Fallout is the name on everyone’s lips at the moment, following the success of Amazon’s TV adaptation. So, if you’re on the prowl for anything Fallout-adjacent to play while we wait for news about season two, you might want to give Rauniot a look. It’s a Finnish indie game set in a much darker version of 1975, and it has strong OG Fallout vibes.

The setting for Rauniot is admittedly quite different from Fallout’s – instead of the super-optimism of the ’50s atomic age, this is the dustier, more muscle-car focused grunge of the mid-’70s. Still, the isometric perspective, scale, and fascination with the physical nature of electronic things is very evocative of many of Fallout’s recurring themes.

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Rauniot is also an adventure game, and while it’s set in an unforgiving world where rising seas have swallowed whole continents and children are frequently born with horrifying birth defects thanks to environmental contamination, you’ll be doing more puzzling than fighting.

There are things like physical diskettes to use and decrypt, security keypads to hotwire, and all manner of strange machines to decipher and use in your quest to survive in this brutal world.

Rauniot is also a distinctively Finnish game – the voiceover dialogues are in Finnish, and the developer, Act Normal Games, says it’s imbued with a “unique Finnish melancholic atmosphere.”

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