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Razer unveils Huntsman V3 Pro range at RazerCon

Competitive gamers will be incredibly keen to take a closer look at the new Razer Hunstman lineup thanks to the introduction of Rapid Trigger Mode.

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During RazerCon 2023, the Huntsman V3 Pro was revealed by Razer following the announcement of its major Gen-2 Analog Optical Switch. Achieving a level of responsiveness that will lead the market, the Razer Huntsman V3 Pro will offer an insane level of customization including actuation points for every key.

A key feature of the Razer Hunstman V3 Pro lineup is Rapid Trigger Mode. This technology was added in the Huntsman V2 range and allows for a key to be reset the moment it starts traveling upwards following an activation. The idea behind this is to offer an incredible level of responsiveness, which is crucial in any game that requires twitch responses like CS2, Call of Duty, or League of Legends. Fine tweaking of the actuation points for each key can bring the sensitivity down in 0.1mm steps.

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A full lineup of Huntsman V3 products was revealed at the event, including the V3 Pro, Tenkeyless, and Mini options. The Pro is the standard full keyboard layout, whereas the Tenkeyless removes the number pad from the right-hand side, reducing the footprint of the keyboard. Finally, the Razer Huntsman Mini removes everything except for the main typing area of a keyboard, reducing the size, compared to the V3 Pro, by half.

During RazerCon, it was announced that the Razer Huntsman V3 Pro is available for pre-order now, exclusively at the Razer store. It will retail for $249.99 (£249.99). The release date is confirmed only as ‘October 2023’ with limited units available in the first wave.

For the Razer Huntsman V3 Pro Tenkeyless, the same applies in terms of availability and release, but the retail price is $219.99 (£219.99). Once again, the same availability and release date applies to the Razer V3 Pro Mini, which is the cheapest keyboard available and will cost $179.99 (£179.99).

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