Spielberg used HTC Vives to help shoot Ready Player One

Ready Player One

Appropriately for a movie about virtual reality and videogame references, director Steven Spielberg used HTC Vive headsets while shooting the special-effects laden hit Ready Player One.

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A featurette (above) produced by HTC shows how the virtual sets created by Ready Player One’s visual effects team became real to both Spielberg and motion-capture actors as they were creating the film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s novel about a near-future world where everyone is obsessed with a VR MMORPG.

The Vive allowed Spielberg to walk around on the empty soundstage and compose shots in the virtual spaces the design teams had created, and actors could put on the headsets to get a sense of where they were and what they were reacting to in each scene. The featurette is a neat peek at some non-games applications for virtual reality.

Since its March 29 debut, Ready Player One has brought in more than $500 million in global box office sales.