You can now play Red Dead Redemption 2 using AMD FSR 2.0

Red Dead Redemption 2 now has unofficial AMD FSR 2.0 support, thanks to a gaming PC mod that swaps out Nvidia DLSS for the red team's GPU tech

Red Dead Redemption 2 character with blue waistcoat and cowboy hat pointing at glowing AMD FSR logo

Red Dead Redemption 2 now unofficially supports AMD FSR 2.0, thanks to the same mod that brought the upscaler to Cyberpunk 2077. The open-world game probably won’t gain official support any time soon, but you can still use the red team’s GPU tech using the third-party solution.

Available to download via Nexusmods, the Red Dead Redemption mod works by replacing the game’s Nvidia DLSS library with AMD FSR 2.0 files (via Wccftech). Just like with Cyberpunk 2077, the graphics card tech isn’t optimised for Rockstar’s sandbox sequel, and it’ll cost a few frames compared to its officially supported competitor. That said, the open-source nature of FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 means you can potentially boost fps and achieve sharper visuals on a variety of older GPUs.

Using AMD FSR 2.0 with Red Dead Redemption could smooth out the spaghetti western experience on your gaming PC, but online players should proceed with caution. The mod’s creator warns that tinkering with files might result in a server ban, as is usually the case with Rockstar games.

Spaghetti western upscaling

The YouTube benchmarking channel MxbenchmarkPC has already put the Red Dead Redemption AMD FSR 2.0 mod to the test, and the results look promising. The DIY solution seemingly drops a few frames compared to DLSS 2.4, with both solutions maintaining over 100fps at 1440p on an Nvidia RTX 3080.

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Again, Nvidia DLSS 2.4 requires a newer RTX graphics card, but AMD FSR 2.0 should work with ageing graphics cards, including older GeForce GTX models. Providing you’re willing to put up with unoptimised shenanigans, the mod could save you from having to obtain the best graphics card to get the most out of games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you’re into the idea of modding the sandbox adventure in general, there’s a Red Dead Redemption 2 weather mod that unofficially revamps Rockstar’s old west adventure.