Mexico locations found in Red Dead Redemption 2 game files

Dataminers have discovered references to Red Dead Redemption's Mexico locations in RDR2's game files

While the original Red Dead Redemption’s map features a (fictional) area of Mexico, which protagonist John Marston heads to for a big chunk of the game, its sequel Red Dead Redemption 2 only lets you head back to the US-based part, New Austin. However, according to some datamines, it looks like the game’s files do include a couple of references to a Mexico map.

User VideoTech UK over at GTAForums (via VG24/7) has taken a look at the game’s files (version 1.0 of the PlayStation version) and discovered that there are models of some of the first game’s Mexico locations hiding within. According to the dataminer, most of the models are “disabled in-game,” and from the pictures posted it looks like they’re very low-detail, providing a basic shape for the towns. Familiar locations like Chuparosa and Sepulcro seem to be included. You can check these out here.

The user also reveals some textures present in the files, too, though they say that these findings do “not confirm any form of a future Mexico map expansion” – they’re just present in the game files.

In addition, another dataminer, Wildbrick142, recently discovered “references to map region outlines” for Mexico locations in data for the game’s minimap, though “the actual outline graphics for them were deleted,” according to the user.

As VideoTech UK says, these references and files in the game’s guts are far from a confirmation that Mexico locations will be coming to the game or its online portion, Red Dead Online, as part of an expansion in the future, and they may have been in there from the start – but it’s always possible. Whether Mexico does eventually feature, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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