No, Red Dead Redemption still isn’t coming to PC

Hopes of a long-awaited Red Dead Redemption PC port have been dashed, as rumours of a remake or remaster are instead met with news about console versions.


The original Red Dead Redemption isn’t getting a remake, remaster, or coming to PC, it would seem. The iconic western game is one of few modern Rockstar hits to not come to PC, and with news of a Switch and PS4 port coming out later this month, we PC players are left wanting, when it comes to Red Dead Redemption at least.

The John Marston adventure is coming to both Nintendo Switch and PS4 for the first time on Thursday, August 17, as us PC players are still left with no updates.

It’s not an impossibility, sure, but Red Dead Redemtpion 2 and GTA 5 – two other Rockstar games – saw PC ports around a year after the launch of their console counterparts. Meanwhile, Red Dead Redemption came out in 2010, 13 years ago.

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While the internet was up in arms after a new Red Dead Redemption age rating was followed up by some Rockstar website changes and even a new logo for the game, assuming it was a remaster or remake of some sort, those hopes look to have been dashed.

I’m not going to say a PC port of the original Red Dead Redemption is impossible at this point, but all the signs point to it not happening. While both the base game and zombie-infested Undead Nightmare DLC for RDR are being ported (not remastered) to Nintendo Switch and PS4, PC platforms don’t get so much as a look in.

With GTA 6 next on Rockstar’s agenda, we can just hope that there will finally be a concurrent console and PC launch, or at the very least a port promised within a year or so. Only time will tell on that front, though.

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