Red Dead Redemption remake could be soon, as Rockstar updates site

A Red Dead Redemption remake has been rumored for a short while now, and an update on the official Rockstar site suggests a new version of RDR could be inbound.

Red Dead Redemption remake: A cowboy with long hair, John Marston from Rockstar western game Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption Remake. Just those words are enough to make me shiver. The iconic western game from 2010, RDR set new standards for narrative, drama, and open-world design, laying the foundations for the even more fantastic Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, with Red Dead Redemption almost 13 years old, and everyone focused on the GTA 6 release date, an update on the official Rockstar website seems to suggest that a new version of RDR could be announced imminently. It could be a full remake. It could be a remaster. It could be nothing. But it seems like something.

Previously, we reported on how Red Dead Redemption has received a new age rating, which, given the fact it came out in 2010, seems unusual. Now, the official Rockstar site has been updated – or at least, the site’s backend has been updated. And if you scrutinize the details, a Red Dead Redemption remake suddenly starts to seem all the more possible.

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Though the face of the site remains unchanged, analyzing the page source code unveils a hidden update made by Rockstar today, Thursday, July 27. Captured by user ‘Spider-Vice’ on GTA Forums, we can see that, as well as the original Red Dead Redemption, there is now a listing for “Red Dead Redemption Rockstar Presents Ver,” with “ver” presumably a shortening of “version.”

Red Dead Redemption remake: A site update from Rockstar hinting at a return of Red Dead Redemption

The listing also makes mention of an initialized version of the game: “rdr1rsp.” It’s likely the same “Red Dead Redemption Rockstar Presents,” although the optimist in me wants to speculate that “rsp” signifies “remake special edition,” or something similar.

Though it looks identical, a new upload of Red Dead Redemption’s logo has also been found within the site data, perhaps hinting that a fresh listing – possibly for a fresh game – is on its way. You can see the new, standalone logo below:

Red Dead Redemption remake: A logo for Rockstar western game RDR

Let’s hope this is it – let’s hope Red Dead Redemption is finally coming to PC. In the meantime, check out the latest GTA 5 mods to keep Los Santos feeling alive. You might also want to try some GTA RP, if you fancy a break from all the heists and car chases.