Is Remnant 2 Steam Deck compatible?

We have all the know how to get to the root of whether Remnant 2 is compatible with your favorite PC gaming handheld, the Steam Deck.

An image of a character from Remnant 2 with a gas mask on, with flames in the background.

Is Remnant 2 Steam Deck compatible? Remnant 2 is set to reinvigorate Gunfire Game’s take on the Soulslike genre, pitting you and your comrades against god-like bosses, armed with an arsenal of guns.

The news isn’t quite apocalyptic when it comes to running the game on Steam Deck, and we’re confident our hopes and prayers to play the game on the go won’t be in vain.

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Is Remnant 2 Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Remnant 2 is Steam Deck compatible and has received the official ‘Verified’ status from Valve.

While the game has been declared as verified for the PC gaming handheld, there have been reports that Remnant 2 doesn’t meet all the compatibility requirements. Owners of the Steam Deck have reported that the default graphics settings do not perform well, with YouTube Channel Steam Deck Gaming being dissatisfied with the performance. Seemingly, the frame rate dips under 30 fps, while doing anything besides standing still, makes Remnant 2 not look like the visual spectacle many were expecting.

While the performance issues aren’t exclusive to the Steam Deck, until developer Gunfire games provides any necessary updates to improve performance, it won’t be part of our best Steam Deck games list any time soon. In a last ditch effort to get the game running smoothly on your handheld, it’s recommended that you cap the frame rate to 30fps, which you can do within the Remnant 2 game settings.

If you’re sporting the 64GB Steam Deck, you’ll need to invest in a new microSD card before you jump in and take on an onslaught of mythical creatures and cunning enemies. Remnant 2 requires more than double the storage space than the first game, needing 80GB to be installed on your handheld.

If you don’t fancy playing the game on your Steam Deck, you can check out the Remnant 2 system requirements and see if your PC is up for the task instead.