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Resident Evil 2 remake looks very dark and scary in newest trailer


Leon Kennedy had a very bad first day on the job, and Resident Evil 2’s HD remaster is going to take us through it step by terrifying step. A new gameplay trailer shows a game that’s far darker, scarier, and gorier than its original version, updated with 20 years’ worth of zombie research.

Capcom’s latest trailer for the modern Resident Evil 2 remake is admittedly very trailery, but we get a better sense of the moment-to-moment gameplay. There’s the over-the-shoulder shooting from Resident Evil 4, plus the slick, sick visuals from last year’s Resident Evil 7 all present and correct.

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But it’s the cramped corridors and constrained flashlight beam that really stand out. The new Resident Evil 2 looks extremely dark, with the mangled and contorted faces of zombies appearing suddenly out of the inky blackness of the Raccoon Police Department precinct.

At a couple points in the trailer, the lights start to strobe in established horror movie fashion, and we can hope – perhaps in vain – that this doesn’t actually happen in the course of gameplay. Honestly, if a workplace full of zombies isn’t enough to convince you that this job might not be for you, faulty wiring should put you over the edge.

At any rate, here’s the trailer. Keep an eye out for some of the in-game visual effects, like blood spatter and fire, which will probably look quite nice on a decently-outfitted PC.

The Resident Evil 2 HD remake comes out January 25th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. That’s plenty of time to re-memorize those healing herb combinations.