This Resident Evil 2 mod is a fully standalone prequel

Follow Marvin Branagh during the early stages of the outbreak

If you’ve ever been curious about the circumstances leading up to Resident Evil 2, a new fangame is about just that. Marvin’s Mod is a standalone prequel to the horror game that sheds a little light on Marvin Branagh, and Raccoon City just before the heroes turn up.

Made in the original Resident Evil 2, Marvin’s Mod chronicles the hours of Lieutenant Marvin Branagh of the Raccoon Police Department’s life leading into his arrival during Leon Kennedy’s half of the survival game. In a release trailer, Branagh encounters all sorts of T-virus monsters, from regular zombies, to zombie dogs, and the licker. He’s accompanied by Rita Phillips, an officer under his command who eventually gets to evacuate the police station during the 1998 outbreak, and a number of other side characters show up.

Aydan Watkins made the mod, reusing lot of the assets from Resident Evil 2 to the tell the story. Conveniently, you do not need to own any version of Resi 2 for this to run, you can just go to the official site, download Marvin’s Mod, and experience some classic PlayStation-era Resident Evil for nothing. Watkins has a Patreon, so you can support their work if you dig it, and a Twitter, to let them know of any issues, or shower them with praise.

Here’s the trailer:

In modern Resident Evil news, the Resident Evil Village release date has been confirmed, and we’re getting a demo in the spring.