Resident Evil 4 Remake datamine uncovers Ada Wong DLC

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a hit on Steam, with the Capcom horror game soon to get the Mercenaries DLC, though Ada Wong and Separate Ways may also be inbound.

We already know that the Mercenaries DLC is coming to Resident Evil 4, but with the Capcom horror game still surging its way up the Steam charts, a new datamine seemingly provides an answer to the question: ‘is Separate Ways in Resident Evil 4 Remake?’ It’s not a guarantee, but there’s evidence to suggest that the Ada Wong-driven campaign and new RE4 content may well be on their way.

As noted in our Resident Evil 4 review, this is one of the best RE games of all time. Nevertheless, fans may be concerned that – similar to the Resident Evil 3 remake from 2020 – at the moment, RE4 is missing the additional modes that filled out the original.

Capcom has confirmed already that the Mercenaries DLC is coming to Resident Evil 4 Remake for free on April 7. But what about Separate Ways, which re-tells the entire game from Ada’s perspective?

Discovered by a user named ‘Gosetsu’ on the Resident Evil Wiki Discord server, and shared by RE fan account Resident Evil Central, files within the PC version of RE4 seem to suggest that Separate Ways will eventually come to Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The file in question, located within RE4, is named ‘anotherorder’ – ‘Another Order’ is the Japanese name for Separate Ways, perhaps hinting at Ada’s campaign further down the line.

Resident Evil 4 Remake datamine uncovers Ada Wong DLC: A tweet showing a Resident Evil 4 datamine perhaps unveiling the Ada Wong Separate Ways DLC

One thing I noticed – in the original RE4, when Salazar transforms into his gigantic, boss-fight form, he subsumes the second Verdugo creature, and together they become one, single monster. In the remake, when Salazar transforms, that second Verdugo is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps this time around it will form a separate boss encounter for Ada.

As we wait for Separate Ways, make sure you have the best Resident Evil 4 weapons. You’ll also want all the Resident Evil 4 Remake blue medallion locations, and all the Resident Evil 4 unlockables, because there are loads.