Resident Evil’s first-aid sprays are real, yours for just $215

Resident Evil, the iconic Capcom horror game, brings the ultimate fan service with a new first-aid collector’s box, ahead of Leon Kennedy’s return in RE4 Remake

Resident Evil first-aid sprays are always a sight for sore eyes. As you limp through the Capcom horror game, clutching your side in the dreaded ‘danger’ status, these trusty green-and-white tins become the answer to all your prayers. Combined with green, red, blue, and yellow herbs – and of course the stalwart ink ribbon – they’re everything you need to survive the horrors of the RPD and Spencer Mansion. And now, as we await the return of Leon Kennedy and the RE4 Remake release date, they can all be yours for just over $200 USD.

GameFlavor, the merchandise and drinks company previously famous for its collaboration with Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, has just announced the Resident Evil First-Aid Drink Collector’s Box, a veritable treasure chest of RE-themed goodies ideal for rounding out your Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine cosplay.

Resident Evil’s first-aid sprays are real, yours for just $215. First-aid spray drinks from Resident Evil

Presented in a chunky wood-and-metal-style crate, identical to the trademark Resident Evil item box, this new kit comes with ten first-aid spray cans, each containing a cucumber, lime, and mint-flavoured drink. You also get a cap and nozzle, so when you’ve finished sipping on that delicious first-aid juice, you can repurpose one of the tins into a faithful-looking healing spray.

The box also comes with four ink ribbon tins, containing a different coloured herb powder based on the game. You can use these to mix a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails, with the Collector’s Box offering four different recipe cards to try out. There’s also an accompanying artbook and also a certificate of authenticity.

Resident Evil’s first-aid sprays are real, yours for just $215. Ink ribbons and herbs from Resident Evil

The Collector’s Box is listed for €199 Euros, which converts to roughly $215 USD (£175 GBP). It doesn’t launch until Q3 of 2023, so expect it between July and September. Pre-orders, however, are available now, and you’ll need to act fast, as there are only 4,750 boxes available, as part of a limited run.

With RE4 Remake on the way, make sure your PC is ready with the full Resident Evil 4 system requirements. You might also want to check out some of the other best upcoming games in 2023, or maybe the best survival games, now you’re armed with a crate full of first-aid sprays.