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Resident Evil 4 hides a secret trick for making millions in cash

Resident Evil 4 Remake marks the valiant return of the Capcom horror game and Leon Kennedy, but there’s a secret way to get RE4 weapons and upgrades pronto.

Resident Evil 4 hides a secret trick for making millions in cash: A secret agent with long hair, Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 Remake

You’ve limped your way to the castle. Resident Evil 4 Remake is punishing you, hard. But with your eye on that final Red 9 upgrade, you’re finally ready to turn the tide. And then disaster – you’re out of money. Proceeding through the Capcom horror game, you watch helplessly as Leon Kennedy is battered to bits by cultists. If only there were another way, a secret method to get the best Resident Evil 4 Remake weapons, upgrades, and kit without having to scrounge for pesetas.

Well, we have good news – thanks to a very clever exploit in the survival game’s buying and selling system, you can now earn millions in cash without the grind. It’s a bit complex, but pay heed: this is how you can easily make money in Resident Evil 4.

There’s a bit of a snag, because this only works for Resident Evil 4 new game plus, but if you’re thinking of tackling the ultra-hard professional mode, it’s still a surefire method to get all the best guns and upgrades right from the go.

Okay, first up, you need to play through on assisted mode and get right to the final Merchant, just before the climactic boss fight with Saddler. When you talk to the Merchant for the final time, you need to sell literally everything you own – guns, treasures, health items, it’s all got to go.

This should give you some pretty good investment capital, and here’s where the trick comes in. First off, buy a rocket launcher so you can one-shot Saddler. Otherwise, on assisted mode, you may have noticed that you can buy and store as many first-aid sprays as you like, and that they cost a diminutive 3,000 pesetas each.

So, that’s what you’re going to do: put all your cash into first-aid sprays, and once your attaché case is filled, drop them into storage and start over. On a typical playthrough, you should be able to amass 400 or so.

Kill Saddler, finish the game, and start over on professional. Once you get past the opening hunter’s lodge section, there’s actually a secret, hidden Merchant, just behind you after Leon jumps out of the window. Go and talk to him, and sell him every one of your first-aid sprays.

How does this make a profit, you might ask? Well, on professional, first-aid sprays are worth 10,000 pesetas, more than tripling the cash you spent on assisted. Bing, bang, boom – you should have about 4 million pesetas, and enough moolah to buy and upgrade whatever you like. Even better, on professional, all weapons and upgrades are purchasable from the very start.

The exploit was discovered by YouTuber ‘Slide-Show Sidney’ and you can see it in action below:

YouTube Thumbnail

So, load up on guns and upgrades, and get stuck into the hardest mode Resident Evil 4 has to offer. Just be careful in the water room, mind. Wealthy and tooled up though you may be, that section where you have to protect Ashley as she turns the cranks, oof, it’s a killer.

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