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Resident Evil Village violin house - combination lock code

How to get into the violin house and the combination lock code revealed

Want to know how to get inside the Resident Evil Village violin house? As you return to the village, wading through hordes of Lycans on the way to the house with the red chimney, you may notice an abandoned house with a violin emblem on its door. It’s currently locked, as the owner went missing a fair while before monsters attacked the village.

The key to this house has been left with the Beneviento’s gardener for safekeeping until the violin house’s owner returns, but seeing as the gardener himself is long gone, it’s essentially been abandoned. Normally there wouldn’t be much reason to go inside, but it turns out that this house has a valuable upgrade for one of your weapons.

Here’s a complete walkthrough for how to get inside the Resident Evil Village violin house – and in case you don’t feel like solving the puzzle yourself, we’ve got the combination lock code so you can grab the valuable treasure and the weapon upgrade hidden inside.

How to get into the violin house in Resident Evil Village

After leaving House Beneviento, you pass two smaller houses on your way back to the village. The left gate leads to the gardener’s house up a small hill, which just happens to also be where the Beneviento mansion Resident Evil Village labyrinth is. You’ll find Luthier’s Key sitting on the shelf next to the typewriter in the back room.

The Resident Evil Village violin house combination lock code is on this child's picture on a wall.

Resident Evil Village Violin house combination lock code

While the violin house has a fair bit of loot to scavenge, there’s one door that’s annoyingly locked. It requires a six number code to unlock, not unlike the one found in the mannequin sequence at House Beneviento.

Your main clue is a note on the desk that says “I still remember your fifth birthday”. If you look carefully, you’ll see a child’s drawing with Happy Birthday written on it, as well as a man with violins next to him, and a little girl with a birthday cake. It also has the code written on it.

The violin house combination lock code is 270917

Opening the violin house combination lock, you’ll find a treasure called the Steel Hræsvelgr which you can sell at The Duke’s Emporium to get yourself more of the Resident Evil Village weapon upgrades, as well as the F2 Rifle – High-Capacity Mag upgrade for your sniper rifle. This upgrade will increase the number of bullets each magazine can hold before reloading the weapon. While you’re here, if you’re looking for more upgrades, why not check out our Resident Evil Village recipes guide for all the animal locations.