Return to Monkey Island art backlash “surprised” Guybrush actor

The sixth in the pirate comedy adventure game series is on its way, but the Return to Monkey Island art backlash shocked the actor behind the series' lead

The cast showcasing the new Return to Monkey Island art

The long-awaited sixth game in arguably the best adventure game series of all time is out soon, but the Return to Monkey Island art backlash from a community angry it’s not a retro-style game has upset a few people – including the voice actor behind protagonist Guybrush Threepwood, who was “really surprised” by the controversy.

While the initial Return to Monkey Island reveal just after April Fool’s Day was met with enthusiasm from fans, some were unsure about the more angular and storybook-like art style, from the art director of Knights & Bikes. This turned into an extremely vocal reaction once the gameplay trailer hit – including some very nasty comments that drove creator Ron Gilbert to stop talking about the game.

In a new interview with YouTuber Cressup, Guybrush Threepwood actor Dominic Armato opens up about the reaction to the art style. “I was really surprised that there were folks who were not happy with it,” he explains. “It just never even occurred to me that would be the case. It’s very unique, distinctive, and stylized, and I love it, personally.”

As to the more vocal contingent, Armato says “we don’t all have to agree, that’s fine” but would like fans to “give it a little bit of a chance” before they write it off. He remembers that “a lot of folks weren’t happy” with Curse of Monkey Island’s art style back in 1997, and now it’s probably the most loved look in the series.

“Of course criticize it, have your opinion,” he adds, but “the obnoxious abuse is never okay under any circumstances.” “There’s a difference between making your point and moving on and trying to get your way by virtue of being as loud and obnoxious as possible… there are some corners where that’s sort of progressed into a pressure tactic” – with the example given of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

You can check out the full, extensive interview below, including how Ron Gilbert told Dominic Armato they were making a new Monkey Island game over coffee.

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That’s the second-biggest Monkey Island interview I’ve ever seen.

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