Returnal PC patch improves reoccurring time loop of launch errors

A Returnal PC patch has arrived for Steam and the Epic Games Store that should improve lacking aspects of the roguelike game, with more on the way.

Returnal PC patch improves reoccurring time loop of launch errors

With Returnal finally available on PC many of you will be wondering how the port stacks up against its PS5 counterpart, and when the next Returnal PC patch will be arriving. Well, you’re in luck, as the first major patch for the roguelike game is here, with many more to come from developer Housemarque as well.

Now that the Returnal PC port is here, you may also be wondering if Returnal works on Steam Deck, and exactly what to expect if you dive in. While everything seems to be going mostly okay for the port, there are some natural growing pains that are being looked at and fixed.

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Returnal PC patch notes

The Returnal PC patch notes should help you out with any of the below issues, with more on the way.

  • Fix for rare issue with music stopping during Biome entry
  • Fix for certain Ultrawide monitor setups not being detected in Full Screen
  • Fix for incorrectly detecting the Windows resolution on first boot
  • Fix for grass draw distance on Epic Particle settings
  • Fix for PSN Sign in time outs
  • Fix for Benchmark results rounding error

Another Returnal PC patch is already on the way too, and it will include a swath of performance improvements and a fix for displaying the game at 3840×1600 resolution correctly.

You’re also advised to make sure your Windows is up to date with the VP9 video extension if you experience a black screen instead of the Returnal opening cinematic, as that should fix the bootup issue.

We’ve also got the best Returnal PC deal for you right here, which will see Housemarque’s PS5 launch title be a fair bit cheaper on PC for just a few more days, so be sure to recommend it if you have a friend you want to dive into co-op with.

If you’re curious about if your rig can run the latest PlayStation exclusive-turned-PC-port, then we’ve got a look at the best Returnal settings and the Returnal system requirements as well.