Ubisoft unveils Riders Republic, a mass multiplayer follow-up to Steep

Rumour had it that Ubisoft would reveal a new property at today’s Ubisoft Forward event, and it turns out they were true: Riders Republic is a brand new game for the triple-A giant, and it looks like a mass multiplayer follow-up to Steep, crossed with the madcap crowds of Trackmania and the dirt bike trick attacks of Trials.

Riders Republic is its own IP though, and it’ll be arriving February 25, 2021. You’ll join hundreds of other players in a wide range of activities across multiple locations, doing everything from wingsuiting to speed cycling, BMX biking to snowboarding. In the trailers that debuted today, Ubisoft featured the mass multiplayer component prominently, showing huge masses of players biking along canyon trails, soaring in wingsuits, and snowboarding, all together.

There’s plenty of gear to unlock, it seems: the trailer shows off a selection of bikes, and they come in road, freestyle, slopestyle, enduro, and downhill varieties, each suitable for its own type of activity in Riders Republic. The game also features real-world sponsors like the X Games and Red Bull.

Here’s the promo:

YouTube Thumbnail

That’s a lot of riders – certainly enough to justify looking into using Mountain Song by Jane’s Addiction for the next trailer, we think. C’mon folks, let’s make this happen.

This is the first we’ve heard of Riders Republic, so we’ll be learning more as we get closer to release. In the meantime, may we suggest trying some of the best skateboard games on PC? A couple good ones just came out recently, as a matter of fact.

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