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Rift: Storm Legion: Everything we know


Since launching last year, Trion Worlds have been regularly updating RIFT with content patches filled with dynamic changes every couple of months. Now RIFT’s first proper expansion, Storm Legion, is ready. And it’s huge. The latest update 1.11: Tempest Rising has already set the ball rolling in the lead up to Storm Legion’s launch, unleashing a four-staged World Event and some pretty extreme class changes. But what’s included in RIFT: Storm Legion? And why should you play it? Here’s everything we know.

It’s pretty damn big

RIFT: Storm Legion brings two new continents to Telara- Brevane and Dusken, tripling the size of the world map. That’s a lot of new space to explore. According to the Storm Legion developer diary Brevane is an ancient city of technology, and Dusken is an area heavily touched by the plane of Death. There is also a new stronghold in which to congregate for both Defiants and Guardians: the island city of Tempest Bay. Players have been able to visit many of the new places in the two beta weekends that have occurred so far, and you can read about our experiences with the Storm Legion beta here.

It has an impressive launch trailer

New dungeons, raids and chronicles

RIFT: Storm Legion adds seven new dungeons, three raids and a chronicle, and knowing Trion this number is sure to expand with future updates. Of the two dungeons that we have seen, it seems that Trion are endeavouring to create a more lively and busy experience, one where bosses don’t just sit there waiting to be slaughtered.

New souls for each Calling

A new soul for each of the classes expands the already hugely customisable Ascended Class system, enabling you to build up your hero. They have even detailed them with their own short stories.The warrior soul Tempest is lightning-themed ranged DPS spec, and here’s Trion explaining it:

Rogues get the Tactician which includes a series of AOE buffs, ranged abilities and different flamethrowers that fire burning liquid, healing or necromantic magic:
The Mage soul, Harbinger, brings magical melee weapons into their hands that combine with different Mage attunements. Again, here’s Trion’s team’s explanation:
The last revealed was the Cleric Defiler calling. Defilers are more of a strategic style healer:

You can make your own home

RIFT: Storm Legion adds player housing, named Dimensions. But it’s not just any player housing, Dimensions include a vast sandbox of tools to allow you to customise your own piece of Telara, in whatever way you like. You ‘re givenmultiple Dimensions, although only one can be active at once. Storm Legion shipped with hundreds of items for you to customise your space with, and once you’ve placed an item in game you can move it about, rotate and resize it. Guilds can also create their own Dimensions, with higher item limits and population caps set to 200.
Capes, glorious capes! There aren’t that many things missing from RIFT’s immense world, but according to Executive Producer Scott Hartsman, one of the most requested features from players are capes. Trion have got that sorted in Storm Legion, adding capes to the mix so you can look like a real hero as well as boosting your stats. And they’re using the very fancy Shroud 2.0 physics engine to make sure your cape ripples in the wind just right.

There’s a huge livestream here, explaining everything

You can purchaseRIFT: Storm LegiononSteamor direct from Trion Worlds themselves. Keep up to date with moreRIFT stuff on our RIFT channel.