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Get a free Steam key for this Helldivers 2 style co-op roguelike

Riftstorm is a sci-fi looter shooter with a dollop of Hades flair, and we're giving away ten free Steam keys for its upcoming playtest.

Spraybot, one of the new operatives making their debut in the Riftstorm playtest.

Hades and Helldivers 2 collide in Riftstorm, a fast-paced roguelite co-op shooter with endless replayability and a whole lot of promise. As one of four playable elite operatives of the top-secret Mythic Protocol, you must shoot, dodge, and smash your way through procedurally generated dungeons packed with cosmic horrors, from hulking automatons to packs of roving, pustulent beasties.

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Riftstorm’s top-down power fantasy is sure to appeal to Diablo 4 fans as well, boasting a pick-up-and-play factor that gives way to real challenge as you flesh out your build and take on bosses. Your choice of operative dictates your playstyle, and you can kit them out with a whole arsenal of classic firepower, from explosive close-range shotguns to sniper rifles that demand pinpoint accuracy. Moment-to-moment combat is a frenetic showdown of AoE circles, damage numbers, and good old-fashioned bullet hell, with plenty of loot to take home for the trouble.

Sound good? Of course it does. We’re giving away ten Steam keys that grant entry to the Riftstorm Steam playtest, so you can get an early taste of the sci-fi roguelike game that developer Mythic Protocol calls “Lovecraftian horror meets military occult.” These codes also include a few complimentary skins, so you can slip on some new threads and stand out from the crowd.

To be in with a chance to win a Steam code for the Riftstorm pre-alpha playtest, simply use the widget below to enter the competition. You can also find out what else awaits you in Riftstorm by visiting its Steam page.

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The playtest commences March 8, 2024, and introduces Hertz and Spraybot, a shotgun-wielding tank and a turret support unit, respectively. It also includes the terrifying debut of the Shade, a spectral wraith that loves to swarm en masse and overwhelm any unsuspecting operatives. However, with ten new weapons added to the loot table, you can expect a handsome reward for overcoming the odds.

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