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RimWorld Anomaly can now be set to run as normal background horror

The latest RimWorld update includes a new "ambient" setting that weaves Anomaly's cosmic horror elements into a more normal playthrough.

RimWorld Anomaly can now be set to run as normal background horror

RimWorld‘s latest DLC, Anomaly, is a transformative expansion that turns the game into a nexus of horror. It’s an intense experience that differs substantially from the base game as your colonists fight off paranoia, invisible monsters, brain parasites, and more. It culminates in a new endgame centered on a monolith that makes the world go insane. However, now there’s a way to dial that back and play a more “normal” RimWorld campaign with some of the new elements and events woven into the story.

The latest update for RimWorld does two big things. First, it adds a new “ambient horror” setting for Anomaly, giving the colony management game‘s latest DLC three modes. On “standard with monolith” mode, you get the original Anomaly experience, which ties the new monstrous threats to the monolith itself. In “ambient horror” mode, the monolith never appears, and the Anomaly threats are added to the pool of curveballs RimWorld can throw at you. The third option is to disable Anomaly completely.

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In ambient horror mode, Ludeon Studios says, the Anomaly threats will be pretty rare compared to the usual raids your colony faces. “This is a good mode if you want to enrich your story without Anomaly becoming the focus,” the developers explain. “Note that since there is no monolith in this mode, the monolith endgame won’t occur.”

The second major change in this update is to playing Anomaly as a tribal colony. Ludeon has added some new ways to fight against the threats Anomaly throws at you while remaining low-tech. The research tree no longer requires electricity, and there are new ways to collect bioferrite – it’s found in harbinger trees and can be extracted from captured Anomaly entities. You can also build some Anomaly items at crafting spots and the bioferrite shaper: ceremonial hoods, nerve spikers, ritual masks, ghoul plating, and ghoul barbs.

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