Risk of Rain 2’s first expansion arrives soon with a sniper who can aim down sights

Survivors of the Void launches March 1, and it's first new survivor is a sniper character called the Railgunner

The Railgunner fires her sniper rifle through an ancient circular structure in Risk of Rain 2.

If you thought things had gone dark for roguelike game Risk of Rain 2, think again. Developer Hopoo Games has unveiled the first of two new survivors inbound with Risk of Rain 2’s first expansion pack, dubbed Survivors of the Void. The new survivor is a sniper called the Railgunner, and she’ll be available when the DLC launches March 1.

The Railgunner uses the M99 Sniper rifle, which is a unique piece of gear in Risk of Rain 2, as it switches you to a first-person perspective to aim down its high-powered scope. Using the scope, you’ll be able to target enemy weak points to cause 1,000% damage and a guaranteed critical strike. Since you’ll always get criticals this way, any increased critical hit chance the Railgunner gets from the items you pick up will be converted into increased crit damage.

The M99 also has an active reload bar, similar to the type introduced in Gears of War. If you time your reload perfectly, you’ll add another 500% base damage boost. Not bad, right?

Here’s a trailer introducing the Railgunner:

YouTube Thumbnail

To round out her skillset, the Railgunner has the XQR Smart Round System, which can take care of enemies who get too up close and personal while you’re sniping away. She can place mine-like Concussion Devices, which create a gravity blast to hurl enemies away – but which can also be used as a kind of trampoline by the Railgunner herself. Finally, her special ability is Supercharge, which powers up the railgun for 4,000% base damage and 150% weak point damage. The drawback is that it takes five seconds for her weapons to recharge after using the ability – so it’s good to have some Concussion Devices around to make a rapid escape once you’ve fired it off.

Head to Steam to check out Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void for yourself.