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27-year-old sequel to iconic PC classic getting a remaster this year

The highly-anticipated Riven remake finally has a release window, and we'll be playing the reimagined Myst sequel very, very soon.

We wouldn’t have modern puzzle games as we know them, like What Remains of Edith Finch, The Witness, and The Talos Principle if it wasn’t for Myst and Riven. Going back to them these days does show their age, but both still offer a strong lineage for the games we play today. So, if you’ve played the most recent Myst remake and can’t wait to see what Cyan Worlds does with Riven, you won’t need to wait much longer – we finally have a release window.

While Myst has already been remade multiple times, its sequel Riven has never had the same treatment. The iconic puzzle game sequel originally dropped in 1997, 26 years ago, and now we know more about when to expect the from-the-ground-up remake.

Using Unreal Engine 5, Cyan’s Riven remake will have new puzzles, expanded storylines, updated visuals, and more. While Myst and Riven might be from a bygone era of puzzle adventures, never mind games in general, we owe a lot about the landscape as we know it to these games.

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The Riven remake will also change how you engage with the world of the 1997 original, as now you’ll have complete control of your movement in a real-time 3D space, instead of the point-and-click movement and computer-generated stills. While that might seem like a massive departure, the original creative team from Riven 1997 is back to spearhead the project, so the spirit of the original lives on with these changes.

Both flatscreen and VR versions of the Riven remake are slated for later in 2024, so we won’t be waiting too much longer to dive back into this reimagined PC classic.

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