Roblox is rolling out an opt-in age verification system

Roblox says the new system will help verify age-appropriate communications while protecting privacy

Brightly coloured characters face off in a paintball match in Roblox.

Roblox, the massively popular sandbox game and game-creation metaverse, is rolling out a new age verification system starting today. Using this new system, users will be able to confirm their ages to help ensure they’re eligible for certain kinds of content. The system is opt-in, but it’ll be required to access certain upcoming features.

First, though, here’s how it works. Using the Roblox app, users will have to scan a government-issued ID card, driver’s license, or passport document. That’s followed by a “selfie check” – you’ll have to snap a selfie, again using the Roblox app, which will check for both “liveness” and “likeness.” Put simply, Roblox will determine that the selfie is of an actual, living human being (rather than a static image, for example) and then makes sure that this is the same person pictured on the associated photo ID.

Roblox players will need to opt into the age verification system in order to use the upcoming spatial voice chat feature that’s coming to Roblox this fall. That system will allow players to chat with nearby players – but only if they’re at least 13 years old.

However, Roblox says the verification system will also be useful for developers looking for other metaverse denizens to collaborate with on Roblox experiences. “[D]evelopers and creators can rely on Identity Verification as a signal of trust when looking for collaborators on the Roblox platform”, the company says. “A verified status lets the community know that a developer or creator is who they say they are.”

The new verification system began rolling out today, and will gradually become available to everyone who uses Roblox.