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Recreate the Battle of Waterloo in this Roblox game

1,500 players can take part at once

Two battalions getting ready to battle in Roblox Waterloo

The generally lovely building game Roblox becomes a fully fledged war game in this custom setup based on the Battle of Waterloo. The custom game-type features a to-scale battlefield, and once a month, hundreds of players get together to recreate Napoleon’s historic defeat.

The appropriately-titled Waterloo is a Roblox campaign based in the early 1800s, around the Napoleonic Wars. Per the official description, it’s “a 1,000 man battle fought on a 10,240 x 8,192 studs accurate map of the Battle of Waterloo.” Servers can take up to 350 players, and cross-server play means things can get much larger than that.

On a monthly basis, players come together to form a 1,500 epic MMO game-like play-through of the clash between Napoleon’s forces and the coalition of British and European armies under Duke of Wellington. Each server is given a spot on the map, and everything that happens on one affects the other. The attire is reminiscent of more historically accurate Napoleonic games, and you have to treat it like a hardcore co-op game to succeed, meaning communication and synergy among you and your teammates is pivotal.

YouTuber Pixelated Apollo did a let’s play discussing and showing it off, which you can view below:

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