Roblox Innovation Awards: Bloxburg, Flamingo win key categories

The Roblox Innovation Awards closed out the Roblox Developer Conference, highlighting the platform's best experiences and creators

Roblox Innovation Awards: Bloxburg, Flamingo win key categories: Two Roblox avatars dressed in pool gear in Welcome to Bloxburg.

The 2022 Roblox Innovation Awards — formerly known as the Bloxys — took place on Sept. 10 as part of the Roblox Developer Conference in San Francisco. With the rebrand, Roblox’s biggest award show celebrated the best Roblox games, experiences, and content creators.

Welcome to Bloxburg, the roleplaying game recently referenced on the television show What We Do in the Shadows, claimed the award for Best International Hit, beating out other roleplaying games Club Roblox and Livetopia and platforming game Tower of Hell.

After winning Game of the Year at the Bloxys in 2021, Piggy claimed another award this year, earning the distinction of Best Content Update. BedWars took home the People’s Choice award, though it lost out on the title of Best New Experience to Deepwoken.

The award show also featured several categories dedicated to creators. Fans were thrilled to see controversial YouTuber Flamingo claim the title of Video Star of the Year, beating out kid-friendly duo Lankybox, Spanish-language YouTuber Lyna, and Roblox mainstay ItsFunneh. ItsFunneh took home the award for Best Video Star Video of the Year with My $1,000,000 Mansion in Roblox.

The event capped off the annual Roblox Developers Conference, which brings Roblox developers and creators from around the country together to highlight the company’s accomplishments throughout the year and discuss what Robloxians can look forward to in the coming months. This year, the company announced it would loosen text chat restrictions for users ages 13 and older as part of its push to continue attracting older audiences. It also shared numerous forthcoming updates to the platform, including changes to its user-generated content programs, expansions to its Star Creator programs, verification for influencers and notable users, improved analytics for Roblox developers, and much more.

Here’s the complete list of nominees and winners (in bolded text) from the 2022 Roblox Innovation Awards.

Builderman Award of Excellence

  • Starving Artists

Best Content Update

  • Piggy 
  • Tower Defense Simulator
  • Loomian Legacy
  • Jailbreak

Best Use of Avatar Fashion

  • World // Zero
  • Royale High
  • Gacha Online
  • Mermaid Life

People’s Choice

  • Adopt Me
  • Pet Simulator X
  • Brookhaven
  • BedWars 

Video Star of the Year

  • Lyna
  • LankyBox
  • ItsFunneh
  • Flamingo

Best New Experience

  • BedWars
  • Deepwoken
  • Pet Simulator X
  • Sonic Speed Simulator

Best Creative Direction

  • Creatures of Sonaria
  • Deepwoken
  • Loomian Legacy
  • The Wild West

Best Use of Tech

  • Frontlines
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Tunneler
  • VR Hands

Best Video Star Video of the Year

  • My $1,000,000 Mansion in Roblox by ItsFunneh
  • Roblox Music Video ♪ “Stronger” (The Bacon Hair) by ObliviousHD

Most Immersive Environment

  • 3008
  • Druids Sanctuary
  • I N T E R V A L 
  • Springs Rock

Developer Studio of the Year

  • Century Games
  • Easy Games 
  • Gamefam Studios
  • Splitting Point Studios

Best Audio Design

  • Funky Friday
  • The Mimic
  • RoBeats 
  • Ultimate Driving

Best International Hit

  • Welcome to Bloxburg 
  • Tower of Hell
  • Livetopia
  • Club Roblox

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