Rust adds rowboats, helicopter drops, and more in latest update


It’s now possible to take to the open waters in Rust. The game has added its first player-controlled vehicle, a dinghy with an outboard motor, with this week’s patch.

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According to Facepunch, about 64 of the small boats will spawn on a standard four kilometer map. There’s room in each one for a driver and three passengers, plus a small storage box (with 12 slots) in the prow.

Naturally, this means bringing the usual Rust mayhem to the sea, and it’s possible to sink boats by causing them to crash or riddling them with rifle rounds. But there are other reasons to set sail, as it were – water junkpiles. The contain loot and can be walked on, but they’ll sink once all the loot is picked clean.

Boats will also decay if they’re left outside, so it’s a good idea to build a boathouse to keep yours in.

Interestingly, development on a buoyancy system for Rust’s boats has allowed the developers to also apply that trait to other in-game entities, like human corpses.

The update also adds a new server event, the CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter. Periodically, one of these dual-rotor beasts will fly in from offshore toward a drop zone. Once it arrives, the chopper will circle and try to kill off any players in the area, then drop off its cargo. Facepunch say these supplies are meant for scientists who haven’t been added to the game yet, so at this point players can rush in to snap up the valuable loot. However, they’ll first have to hack through the payload’s computerized lock.

Naturally, the update also patches a ton of the game’s existing content, so have a look through the notes on Steam to get up to speed.