Saints Row characters take the spotlight in new trailer

The new Saints Row characters trailer introduces the crime game's lovable, lawless crew destined to be the Boss' best friends and guardians

Saints Row characters trailer: Neenah the getaway driver sits on a leather seat with a sly look

Volition and Deep Silver are gearing up for August’s launch with a new Saints Row characters trailer, highlighting a bit about what to expect from your quirky, lawless friends in the crime game. You arrive in Santo Ileso intent on taking over the city with your brand-new business, one that happens to be highly illegal and volatile. But you won’t do this alone. The gameplay trailer is light on actual gameplay, but goes into a fair bit of detail on who you’ll build your criminal empire with – and who’s revving up to stop you in your tracks.

First up is Eli, the calm and cool one and the brains behind your entire operation. He’s the one who invests your hard-won, ill-gotten gains and keeps the business going. Neenah is the group’s getaway driver who tunes up all your vehicles – and it looks like there are oh so many vehicles to get your hands on – and finally is Kevin, the shirtless chef who keeps everyone well fed.

You need all the help you can get as well. Along with the city’s major factions determined to throw you out, there’s a lone assassin keen on seeing the Boss never makes their mark.

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Not long after arriving in Santo Ileso, you and your gang set up shop, so to speak, in a magnificent mansion. It’s a significant step up from the grotty apartments and rooms the group is used to renting and the perfect place to plan your future heists.

All in all, the Saints Row characters trailer looks pretty much exactly like what we expected. Our Ken Allsop spent several hours with a Saints Row preview build in July and came away impressed by the sheer amount of chaos the Saints manage to cause. They might be a new crowd, but they’re just as loveable and fantastically overexaggerated as you’d expected from the series.

You don’t have much longer to wait and see for yourself. Saints Row launches August 23, and we’ve got everything you need to know about Saints Row multiplayer, how to fast travel, and the best perks to unlock.