Saints Row reboot customisation will be more outrageous

The upcoming Saints Row reboot is dialing the customisation options up to 11, with all new features for bosses, hideouts, cars, and weapons

A man with skin that looks like a scene from outer space stands on a street corner in Saints Row.

Designing your character and tricking out your cars are beloved features of the Saints Row series of madcap open-world games, and this year’s Saints Row reboot is going to continue in that vein. In fact, developer Volition has revealed that the new Saints Row game has more options for customisation than ever before, giving you a powerful character editor, a huge range of vehicle parts, and a redecorating suite for your crew’s headquarters.

In a new video, Volition shows off slices of each customisation system in Saints Row. First up is the character creator. While past games have provided plenty of options for shaping your boss, the number of selections, sliders, and accoutrements on offer in the new Saints is an impressive leap forward.

Body size and shape, facial features, tattoos and piercings are just the start – Saints Row also allows players to customise their character’s skin tone, selecting from a wide range of natural tones or, if you want a more sci-fi look, a selection of intense shaders. You can run around Santo Ileso covered in chrome or sporting a wood grain look, if you want. You can even pick out your character’s socks and underwear (or lack thereof).

You can independently customise both sides of your character’s face, too, in case you want some asymmetric details, makeup, or features. The customiser also offers options for arm and leg prosthetics, which all come in a variety of colours and designs.

Layered clothing returns in this year’s Saints Row, too. You’ll be able to visit a variety of brick-and-mortar stores scattered across the map to find new duds, including a pair of cowboy boots with toetips that curl up almost to your character’s kneecaps.

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Of course, there’s also a fully featured customs shop called Jim-Rob’s for when you want to kit out your vehicles with some eye-catching new flair or deadly weaponry. Paint jobs, exhaust kits, and a giant metal wrecking ball to drag from your rear bumper are all available in Saints Row’s garages.

Plus, characters can unlock special driving perks to complement their approach to the road: an ejection seat is great if you want to be able to go wingsuiting at the drop of a hat, and there’s an infinite boost perk that makes it so you never run out of nitrous.

Of course, you can also customise your full arsenal of weapons, and redecorate your headquarters – there’s a social space on the main floor, plus a secret ‘war room’ for racket planning upstairs.

If all that sounds overwhelming, there’s also presets for each customisation category that are ready to roll, or that can serve as a starting point for your own creative decisions.

The Saints Row release date is set for August 23.