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Best Saints Row easter eggs and where to find them

Find every single one of the Saints Row easter eggs, from Thor's Hammer to Doctor Who's police box, scattered throughout Santo Ileso

Looking for some Saints Row easter eggs? The Saints Row series has always filled its maps with lots of hidden easter eggs and secrets to uncover, and the 2022 reboot is no different. A lot of the surprises in this open-world game range from obscure movie references to hilarious video game deep cuts.

Saints Row easter eggs come in many forms, with most of these requiring you to scour the entirety of the Saints Row map. With our help, you can save yourself hours of time by heading directly to the secrets. With that in mind, here are some of the best Saints Row easter eggs that you can find.

Giant Comb – Spaceballs

At the very bottom of Badlands South, you can find a giant comb raking through the desert. Despite being a different type of comb to the one used in the movie, this is a pretty clear nod to the parody movie Spaceballs. Saints Row doesn’t just borrow the comb though — right next to this giant landmark is a doll that looks similar to the soldiers seen in Spaceballs.

The Worthy Hammer – Thor

This Saints Row easter egg is one of the few that the game actually hints at. You can find a small description of its resting place in the collectables menu, reading “Badlands South. Power lines pass through a dry lake bed with a stranded rowboat.” Sure enough, the Worthy Hammer, a play on Thor’s Mjolnir, can be found buried in the ground near the aforementioned row boat.

Strange Monolith – Xeno Franchise

The strange monolith in Badlands South is one of the more obscure easter eggs in Saints Row. This structure bears a striking resemblance to objects and shapes seen many times throughout the Xeno series, shooting it causes green sparks to form.

Singing Bush – Three Amigos!

The singing bush is another collectable, this time sending you to the small island in Badlands South. There, you’ll find a singing bush with a mildly annoying voice, along with three dolls representing the movie Three Amigos’s titular main cast. The collectables description “Let’s go summon the invisible swordsman” is a direct quote from the movie, where the gang summon, and then accidentally kills, an invisible swordsman.

Turtle Graffiti – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

On the same island as the Singing Bush, it’s also possible to find a manhole cover covered in green chemicals, alongside four turtles drawn on the nearby concrete. Each one is wearing a coloured bandana, matching those worn by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


The easter egg-filled Badlands South has yet another hidden secret in the form of a giant Jenga tower. This structure can be interacted with, letting you knock down the tower with explosives or vehicles. Interacting with the nearby plaque will reset the structure back to its original state.

Red Balloon – It

The island in the middle of Lake Sabastian hides another Saints Row easter egg, this time based on the novel and movie franchise It. On the east side of the island, there’s a sewer pipe hiding a red balloon. This is similar to the red balloon seen in It, which villain Pennywise uses to lure in unsuspecting victims.

Breakable Wall – Minecraft

Fort Cullen in Old Town West features a small breakable wall, hiding a number of small blocky characters behind it. While their proportions somewhat resemble the characters from Minecraft, the scene is a little more violent than what you’d see in Mojang’s survival game.

Arcade Cabinets – Saints Row

The Twin Coyote Arcade in Rojas Desert North features a number of arcade cabinets, two of which reference previous Saints Row titles. One is Zombie Uprising, a nod to the side activity in Saints Row 2. The other is Saints of Rage, a direct reference to the mission “The Very Next Day” in Saints Row IV. In that game, there was a mission where you played as Johnny Gat, who was trapped in a 2D beat ‘em up known as – you guessed it – Saints of Rage. The side of the arcade cabinet even reuses the main artwork from that mission, making it the only direct reference to Johnny Gat in the Saints Row reboot.

The Turdis – Doctor Who

A modified portable toilet can be found in Old Town West, lovingly titled “The Turdis”. Acting as another collectable, this Saints Row secret is a clear reference to the police box used throughout the British TV series Doctor Who.

Grocery Store – Clerks

Unlike the other Saint Row easter eggs, this one technically doesn’t have one set location. This is due to it being tied to the Laundromat criminal venture, which can be built in any of the game’s regions. Head to wherever you’ve built this criminal venture, and you’ll find a store with the sign “I assure you, we are OPEN!”. Both the store itself and the sign reference the 1994 film Clerks.

Cabbit – Summoner

The Cabbit is a recurring easter egg found in most Saints Row games, this time taking the form of a collectable. It can be found in Old Town East, hiding inside a storage container. Despite appearing in the Saints Row franchise multiple times, this is actually an easter egg related to the Summoner series. A previous duo of RPGs by developer Volition, the Cabbit was an enemy that your party could encounter.


There are a couple of spaceships to be found in the Rojas Desert. One, which also acts as a collectable, can be found in Rojas Desert South off the main road. It’s stuck in a small pool of water but looks to be in one piece. Heading to the small building outside of The Twin Coyote Arcade in Rojas Desert North reveals another spaceship. This one is in bad shape, however, seemingly being worked on by someone — presumably someone that works at the arcade.

Recycler – The Legend of Zelda

In Rojas Desert North, one of the dumpster diving discoveries features a Legend of Zelda easter egg. Interacting with the dumpster has you slowly searching while a Zelda-esque jingle plays before your boss triumphantly lifts their newly found treasure above their head. Said treasure is a weapon skin for SMGs, not something you’d generally see in a Zelda game.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Saints Row easter eggs. Don’t forget to check out our robust guide on the Saints Row skills, and we also have a list of the best Saints Row cars and vehicles to drive through Santo Ileso in style.