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Saints Row Severance Package: should you fire or kill Atticus?

In the Saints Row Severance Package mission guide, we’ll tell you what happens in this pivotal moment in the game and whether to fire or kill Atticus

Saints Row Severance Package fire kill Atticus: Atticus Marshall is wearing a cowboy hat and standing at a table with an intense stare. Two guards flank him near the door.

Want to know whether to fire or kill Atticus in the Saints Row Severance Package mission? As one of the later Saints Row missions, Severance Package is surprisingly easy, tasking the leader of the Saints to cause millions of dollars worth of property damage by blowing everything up with a prototype tank. The aim: to plummet Marshall’s stock price and force a vote of no confidence in its leader, Atticus Marshall.

Even when the open-world game cuts to the board room at the end of the Saints Row Severance Package mission, there is a tie in the vote. Some want to force Atticus out of the company, while others want to keep him around. With a dramatic spin of a chair, it turns out you have the deciding vote. Atticus’ days of running Marshall are essentially over, but the method of his dismissal is up to you.

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Should you fire or kill Atticus Marshall in Saints Row?

As the only major decision you’ll need to make throughout the entire game, we don’t blame you for wondering how the choice will affect the ending. Unfortunately, nothing of note really happens between both versions of events. If you choose to fire Atticus, he will angrily proclaim that you’ve not heard the last of him before two guards escort him out of the building. Myra will then give you complete legal control of the Saints and have Marshall forces back down, but she also vows to retaliate if you cross Marshall again.

If you choose to kill Atticus, he dies there and then. As Eli hints earlier in the mission, we can assume that Atticus’ son will inherit the company. Myra will still give you control of the Saints back, and the Marshall forces back down for the time being.

And sadly, those are the only differences in the Saints Row Severance Package choices. It’s a bit of an anticlimax, isn’t it? There’s always the possibility of DLC or an expansion showing the impact of your choice, but for now, you just get the MDI-344T tank as a reward, which is worth it as it’s one of the best Saints Row vehicles. So, feel free to blast away enemies and complete challenges to get some of the best Saints Row perks, which you’ll need to take on some of the tougher Criminal Ventures.