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Satisfactory’s Update 4 lets you light up the factory floor

Available now on Experimental, Update 4 adds the new Tier 8, while simplifying several systems to make sure it all works

Fire up the conveyor belts, because Satisfactory’s Update 4 is now out on the building game’s experimental servers. This update adds the new Tier 8 class of late-game products to create, while simplifying and rearranging much of the lower-tier products and recipes to make sure everything flows smoothly as you work your way up into the endgame. And you’ll be able to see what you’re doing, because now there are working lights.

“Now Satisfactory is taking to the air with Aerial Transportation for your resources and the Hover Pack to make factory building and traversal extra smooth”, developer Coffee Stain exclaims in the patch notes. The developer says it’s also added lights that won’t tank your PC performance, and changed up power storage and generator mechanics to help deal with blackouts. You’ll be able to build street lights, flood lights, and ceiling lights and hook them up to a lighting control panel to manage your lighting – very neat.

The new zipline is another new mode of traversal – it lets you snap onto powerlines and go whooshing back and forth to your heart’s content. You’ll also find a new resource in the form of nitrogen gas. It acts like fluid, “except that it doesn’t require pumps to be moved through the pipes,” Coffee Stain says.

You can read the full rundown of the patch notes over on the subreddit, or have Coffee Stain’s friendly community managers explain it in this fun video:

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Coffee Stain says Update 4 will remain in the experimental phase for about a month, with a target release date of April 13. Be sure to check out the list of known issues at the bottom of the list there before you make the switch over to the experimental branch. For instance, there’s currently no autosave – so you’ll want to be sure to save manually, and often.