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Divisive Scars Above is already on a Steam sale, so get it quick

If you fancy trying Scars Above, Mad Head and Prime Matter's new sci-fi FPS game, then now's the time to pick it up as it's part of a flash Steam sale.

Divisive Scars Above is already on Steam sale, so get it quick: A white woman with brown hair in a ponytail wearing a combat space suit looks off into the distance

If you’re intrigued by Mad Head Games’ all-new sci-fi soulslike Scars Above, now’s the time to pick it up, as the action-packed FPS game is on sale during its first week in the wild.

Thrusting players into the shoes of Dr. Kate Ward, a member of an elite space exploration unit called SCAR (funnily enough), you’ll have to tear your way through hordes of alien entities that are intent on tearing you asunder.

The Scars Above reviews, however, tell a story of division, as critics can’t seem to agree on whether or not they love or hate the game. On Steam, the game is rated as “mostly positive,” with more blue thumbs up than red thumbs down.

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If you’re a little uncertain I wouldn’t blame you, but Mad Head has offered a solution: a sale. Yes folks, Scars Above’s PC version is currently 15% on Steam, with the sale running until March 7. That brings the price down to $33.99 / £29.74 from $39.99 / £34.99 – quite the saving on a shiny new game.

Scars Above isn’t the only thing that’s on sale right now, though, as Valve has reduced the price of its iconic Portal series to match that of a potato – and that’s for both puzzle games. There’s the Valve Complete Pack, too, which offers 22 of the developer’s best games for $57 / £47, which is cheaper than the cost of most new AAAs these days.

So if you’re library is looking a little bare at the moment, you can pick up some classic old games, while also balancing them out with Scars Above. If Mad Head’s shooter proves too easy (or, alternatively, far too difficult), we also have a list of the best games like Dark Souls if you fancy torturing yourself a little more.